who is starfish marketing?

So you're wondering..."who is starfish marketing". It's a good question. 

starfish marketing was launched on 22 January 2016 to help businesses with the how to of marketing and turn their marketing strategy into action.

As per the starfish story, at starfish marketing, we believe marketing can make a real difference for business, that we have a responsibility to make a difference in our communities and that we can have some fun along the way. These beliefs are the drivers behind starfish marketing.

Your starfish team

Meet Mell - great at marketing stuff

Hi, I’m Mell , wine lover, shoe fanatic, cheese fiend, wishful traveller and founder of starfish marketing.

With over 30 years’ experience, I have held key sales, marketing and management roles across various industries including:

  • professional services
  • wine, tourism and hospitality
  • motor vehicle
  • IT
  • medical
  • building and construction
  • support services

If you need help turning your marketing strategy into action, then I can help. Feel free to get in touch

Meet Kaitlyn - great at social marketing stuff

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn. I joined the starfish team in 2018. 

With a background in administration and social media, I'm experienced in, and understand, the in's and out's of social media . 

Mell says I have a "marketing brain". This means I understand the requirement for a strategic approach to social media, particularly when it comes to understanding different industries, target markets, and client brand position and social needs.

If you need support with your social media then I can help you out. Feel free to get in touch.

Working closely with other business service providers allows starfish marketing to deliver a whole of service approach for your business, no matter what it’s size or marketing requirements.

Lets make a real difference together. Book your free discovery session to find out how starfish marketing can help you.

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