Helping hand Tuesday

Helping hand Tuesday - where do customers research?

Each Tuesday, over on Instagram, I post a question aimed at simplifying marketing activities, and helping business owners think about what they should be considering.

Sometimes I write a bit about it too. This week was one of those times.

Knowing  where your customers do their research means you can make sure you are prominent in that space.

Google is the obvious answer for initial research. That means you need to be prominent in the search rankings. Yes, even if you don't have an online store or website you can still rank well.

And in this day and age, online reviews are providing greater insights for people on how businesses operate. Once upon a time reviews were restricted to restaurants and accommodation houses. Today, you can provide a review on pretty much any type of business.

Making sure your online presence is visible and up to date is one simple way of connecting with your market.

Bonus question: What are you doing to increase your online presence?

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