This week I got my first “thanks, but no thanks”, and I’m excited!

Why? Well a bit of background.

I was referred to a new business to potentially help them with their marketing. Adam* and I met and had a great chat about what he wanted to achieve, where his priorities were and how I might be able to help.

I then put together a proposal and sent it off. Standard procedure, right??

Except you know when you haven’t quite nailed it, and you feel like you’re not necessarily the right fit… well that was me. And so, when making the follow up call to Adam to see what he thought of my offer, inside I knew Adam wasn’t going to choose starfish marketing.

I know I could have helped Adam with his marketing. Could I have done the work that delivered the absolute best outcome for Adam? No.

The result - Adam (wisely) chose a marketing agency who are much better suited to meeting his needs.

Let’s call that marketing agency Awesome Dudes. Awesome Dudes deserve Adam’ business – they are great at what they do. They have a number of marketing specialists for the various services they offer, which includes the services that Adam needs. To me, they feel like a much better fit for Adam and his business.

So, when Adam told me he had decided to go with Awesome Dudes, and why, I knew it was the right decision for him, and I told him that too.

And that’s when the lightbulb moment occurred and why I’m excited.

The lightbulb moment!!

I really should have recommended Awesome Dudes to Adam in the first place because, in reality, Awesome Dudes are better suited meeting to Adam’ needs. Plus, I know they will do great work for Adam and really help him build his brand and grow his business.

Why am I excited?

Because this experience has reinforced my why.

I believe marketing can make a real difference for businesses, and I want to help businesses with their marketing to make that difference. To do that I need to make sure I understand their needs and priorities, and make sure I can deliver the absolute best outcomes for them. That’s my why.

And sometimes staying true to your why means realising you are not the best person for the job and referring that potential client to someone else. Why because they are better suited, have different skill sets, are a better cultural fit etc, and, in the end, they will deliver the best outcome for that client.

So, thank you Adam for the lesson in staying true to my why… and best wishes with your marketing, you are in great hands with Awesome Dudes.

* The real names of those involved have been altered for confidentiality reasons, Adam asked that his name, that of his business, and the agency he chose not be disclosed. I am happy to honour that request.