July 2020 Marketing Calendar

July 2020 Marketing Calendar

$14.00 inc GST

First – if you're looking for the one-month social media calendar, head here. This is a marketing calendar, ie more than social media.


Otherwise, if marketing for your business feels overwhelming or you struggle to know what to do and when, you're not alone!⁠ Many small business owners are in the same boat. You wear the “hat of everything” and marketing is just too hard or everything else gets priortised – even though you know marketing your business is important.

When it comes to planning your marketing it can be challenging knowing where to start. There are just so many options!⁠

This July 2020 marketing calendar is designed to help you deliver marketing activities to build your brand, connect with your target market, strengthen your customer relationships, and more.


One month of daily marketing that you, as a business owner, can do yourself.


With small businesses in mind, most of the marketing activities in the calendar are time based rather than needing a financial investment.


Easy to follow, categorised into five marketing strategies (Marketing, Digital, Social Media, Customer Service, and Content Marketing), this daily marketing calendar will help you make market your business on a regular basis, without you having to think too much about what you need to do.




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