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When you work with Starfish Marketing – You work with me. 

Hi, I'm Mell and I love marketing! I also love helping businesses make their marketing AWESOME!!!

I launched Starfish Marketing in 2015 and have since been successfully helping fabulous business owners like you make your marketing happen ever since. 

Either by doing your marketing for you, or teaching you how to do it. 

With over 30 years’ experience, (yep, I'm that old!!), I have held key sales, marketing, management, and consulting roles across various industries including:

  • professional and business services
  • building, construction, and trades
  • wine, tourism, hospitality, and entertainment
  • retirement and independent living
  • not-for-profit
  • motor vehicles
  • IT
  • medical, and support services
  • health, beauty, and well-being
  • education and coaching
  • course creation
  • marketing (of course)

How long is that list!!!

I am a wine lover, shoe fanatic, cheese fiend, and intermittent traveller.

I also dance in supermarket aisles, and I live, breathe and love all things marketing.

Ultimately I'm on a mission to:

  • help you make your marketing happen
  • make marketing simple and fun
  • and make a difference, one small action at a time (just like the starfish story)

If you need help to make your marketing happen, then I can help. 

We'll start with strategy. Because if you don't have a strategy, it's like throwing marketing spaghetti against a wall and hoping some of it sticks. AND if you have a documented strategy you're over 300% more likely to be successful. True story – the research has been done. 

If you're not sure about what's involved in developing your strategy, here's a brief article on why you need a strategy and how we'll develop yours together. 

So, what are you waiting for. Let's catch up and see if we like each other and chat about how I can help you with your marketing.

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