where does your market play?

Are you playing where your market plays?

This is different to where they do their research, which I touched on last week. 

Where your market plays is where they are connecting - whether it be with friends and family, with businesses, with their aspirations and dreams... the list goes on.

Chances are your marketing is playing somewhere on social media. Understanding where they are hanging out (which platform your market is active in) is key.

If your market is playing on Instagram, then that's where you should be hanging out too. If they are on Facebook, then you should be playing over there. Or if they are on LinkedIn then make sure you are active there.

Play where your market plays. Hang out there regularly, have a strategy behind how you will play and engage with your audience.

helping hand tuesday - where does your market play

And if your market isn't on social media (unlikely, but possible) then what are you doing playing there?

Where could they be if not on social media? They could be heading to conferences, they could be attending your local Chamber of Commerce or other business networking events. They could be searching for friends (you) on Google.  

The important thing is to find out where your market is, head on over and make friends to play with. 

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