Marketing during COVID19

COVID19 has hit businesses hard. We’re all doing it tough.

And when budgets are tight, and business is slow, marketing is usually the first thing to be axed.


It’s actually more important than ever to keep marketing during COVID19.


It's important to stay in touch 

You need to stay in touch with your customers and keep them engaged and connected.

It’s important to understand that engaging your customers, connecting with them, is different from pushing your offers. Now is not necessarily the time to push your offer (unless you’re selling toilet paper, hand sanitiser or the like 😊).

Engaging and connecting with your customers involves keeping them up to date with relevant information about your business, your products and your services – without being salesy.

By engaging your customers, you’re giving them a sense of belonging. And during COVI19 making sure your customers feel connected to you is really important!

Your brand

You need to continue to build the recognition of your brand.

Your business’s brand is built over time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Who has heard a business owner complain that they put an ad in the paper and didn’t get anything out of it.

Or, someone say networking is a waste of time, because they have never got any business out of handing their cards out or going to events. (FYI – that is not networking, and again we’ll discuss that another time).

It’s simple really.

Once off, random marketing doesn't work. It's like walking up to a stranger on the street and asking them to marry you. Or worse at the moment - walking up to a stranger and giving them a hug!

The more marketing you do, the more your customers and target market get to know you.

People learn about you and your business and get to know you. If your marketing is on point, they will connect with you. And the more they know and like you, the easier it is for them to trust you.

We call it the know, like and trust factor.

The more trust people have in you, your business, your brand, the more likely they are to purchase from you – when the time is right for them.


The right time for your customers to purchase from you is called ETON – Exclusive Time Of Need (ETON).

When they need you, your business, your brand, because you’ve been marketing to them consistently (and I’m talking brand marketing not sales marketing), you will be front of mind.

They’ll think of you first, and because they trust you, it’s easier for them to decide to purchase from you.

The magic silver marketing bullet!

Let’s get this straight.

There is no magic silver marketing bullet!

Marketing is a long-game, so to speak. Things do not happen overnight. Results do not happen overnight.

What’s that saying?

An overnight success is ten years in the making.

So, you need to keep marketing during COVID19, even if your business is going through challenging times and budgets are tight.

Marketing on a budget

So, how can you market on a budget?

Start with a marketing plan. It will guide your marketing activities and help you focus.

If that seems too much or too big a project, we’ve done the work for you with a six-month daily marketing calendar.

With small businesses in mind, most of the marketing activities in the calendar will require a time investment rather than a financial investment.

Otherwise, check out our blog on Marketing Your Business on a Budget - it's free and has a list of marketing freebies included

Keep on marketing

Remember, when budgets are tight, and business is slow, it’s more important than ever to keep marketing.

Think of your customers like your friends. If you simply stop marketing, it’s like you've stopped talking to your friends and haven't explained to them why you're not talking to them anymore.

If you stop talking to your friends, they’re probably going to assume that you don't want to be their friend any more. ie, your customers will assume you don't want their business any more.

And guess what that means. It means they'll probably find some other business who will be their friend. A business who is marketing during COVID19, who is continuing to stay in touch and deliver value and create a connection with them. And that will probably be your competitors.

So, continuing to market, to keep on marketing is more important than ever.

Value marketing

Final reminder – I’m talking about value marketing, content marketing, brand marketing – marketing that creates connections with and delivers value for your customers.

Don’t try to sell, sell, sell at this point. That’s just icky and will show people you’re out of touch.

In saying that, if you have a product or a service that people need right now, by all means promote it. Just make sure you’re providing value with your marketing in other ways too.