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introducing Mell Millgate

Prepare to have your mind blown as Mell Millgate, the superhero of small business success, unveils the secrets of different is better than bigger.

As the force behind Starfish Marketing, Mell is a trailblazing entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and small business advocate who is dedicated to helping businesses thrive. 

With her unwavering determination and unique perspective, Mell has become a catalyst for unlocking the hidden potential of staying small in the vast world of business.


Mell's journey to success has been shaped by a series of  challenges and personal experiences.

Through all of this, she has gained a deep understanding of the obstacles faced by women in business striving for growth and impact.

These experiences have not only sharpened Mell's expertise but have also instilled in her an unwavering spirit and ability to create change.


Topic - Different is better than Bigger

Mell's engaging approach reveals the fallacy surrounding the current fascination with business unicorns. 

She challenges the notion that success is built on bigger is better and instead introduces the concept of success is personal and different is better than bigger. 

Drawing from her expertise and real-world experiences, Mell offers actionable frameworks to light and lighten the path for women in business.


Your takeaways

Why different is better than bigger

Clarity in staying true to yourself

The importance of trusting your inner wisdom

Strategies for you to define your success

Framework to choose a different path


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