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Getting to Know Your Ideal Customer online course

This course takes you through the process to identify your ideal customer/s and craft your key messages to attract, connect, and engage with those people.  

We're so excited to be able to help business owners with your marketing, by helping you work out who your ideal customers are.

Get lifetime access to the  course for $147.  

Do you know what you need to do with your marketing but are not sure how to make it happen?

Or you simply don't have the time to implement your marketing activities.

Let us help you. 

We are marketing consultants helping you make your marketing happen, living the starfish story and making a real difference for business. 

This includes digital and online marketing, social media marketing, client communications, websites and more.

Every business is different. Whether your marketing budget is big or small, we will work with you to deliver your marketing goals within your set budget. When you work with us there are no nasty surprises. You set your budget and we get your marketing done! 

If you're in the Albury/Wodonga and surrounding areas, or the Canberra region, and you need marketing support, contact us today.

Set up your free discovery session and find out how we can help you.

Let’s make a difference together.

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Free tips and info

Marketing shouldn't be hard or scary, but if you're not a marketer it can seem that way.

At starfish marketing, we try to make marketing fun and easy by sharing random marketing thoughts, free tips and info.

We hope our blogs and free templates help you with your marketing.

Marketing services

What type of marketing services do you need?

Whatever your marketing needs are, from digital to traditional, we will tailor the services to your business.

And it will be at an agreed set fee. You know in advance what your marketing investment will be – and there are no surprises!

Start making a difference with your marketing by booking in for your free discovery session. 

What others say

Of course you want to know that we are walking the walk at starfish marketing. Or should that be throwing the starfish?

We're proud of the work we do in helping businesses with their marketing needs.

We're even prouder that our clients agree that we walk the walk, and that they are prepared to share that with the world.

About us

As per the starfish story, at starfish marketing, we believe marketing can make a real difference for businesses, that we have a responsibility to make a difference in our communities and that we can have some fun along the way. These beliefs are the drivers behind starfish marketing and everything we do.

We are marketing consultants making a real difference by providing marketing help and support to small and medium businesses.