Marketing shouldn't be hard or scary, but if you're not a marketer it can seem that way.

Here we try to make marketing fun and easy by sharing random marketing thoughts, free tips and info.

Topics cover mad hatter tea parties and kissing monsters, shouting and sucky marketing to dancing on tables and business tips, and of course the marketing peas. 

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Three reasons to use email marketing
Three reasons to use email marketingEmail marketing is dead! You hear it all the time, but in reality, it’s not[...]
Three people, three years, three lessons learnt
Three people, three years, three lessons learntAs I come up to our two-year anniversary of starfish marketing making the leap[...]
Nine free things to help you with your marketing
Nine free things to help with your marketingRecently I met with Jade, a local business owner, comedian, student (studying her[...]
Planning & thinking differently
Planning and thinking differentlyTomorrow the starfish marketing team will come together in our Albury office for a planning and thinking[...]
Finding your right marketing platforms
Finding your right marketing platformsIf you’re hearing that you must be doing all the socials, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc[...]
How to schedule Facebook posts
How to schedule Facebook postsAre you spending too much time manually posting on Facebook?Scheduling your Facebook posts can save you[...]
I was recently asked to present to a group of business leaders about marketing and the importance of touchpoints.The combined[...]
Magical Marketing Fairies
Magical Marketing FairiesWhat a year it has been.There were some big changes with starfish marketing as we grew; set up[...]
Your brand is more than your logo
Your brand is more than your logoMany people, when they think about brand, go straight to their logo. However, your[...]
Friday 13th and Marketing
Friday 13th and MarketingFrom a marketing perspective, Friday 13th being unlucky is quite interesting as it's a fairly global phenomenon.[...]
Have you heard about the GDPR?Or the General Data Protection Regulation?The GDPR, while essentially an EU law has the potential[...]
Funk up your LinkedIn Profile
Funk up your LinkedIn profileWe all know social media is an important business marketing tool, and playing where your market[...]
Promotion – Your number three P
Promotion - Your number three PPromotion is your number three in the seven P’s of marketing and is most commonly,[...]
Price Number Two P
Price - Your number two PWhile price, is your number two P in your marketing mix (Product being #1), it[...]
Product – Your number one P
Product - Your number one PFor your product - your number one P in your marketing mix, to be successful[...]
Do you understand your marketing mix?
Do you understand your marketing mix?Do you understand your marketing mix?Last week I talked about the importance of having  a[...]
Why do I need a marketing strategy
Why do I need a marketing strategyIf you’ve been wondering why do I need a marketing strategy, here’s six good[...]
Five reasons to use video in your marketing
five reasons to use video in your marketingIf you google “reasons to use video marketing” a plethora of articles come[...]
Do you know what SEO is?
Five things I did to get on page one and four of them are freeDo you know what SEO is?[...]

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