Marketing shouldn't be hard or scary, but if you're not a marketer it can seem that way.

Here we try to make marketing fun and easy by sharing free marketing tips and info to help you make your marketing happen.

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Everyday Marketing is a simple and straightforward thing that you can do each weekday, as a business owner, to make sure you're marketing your business.

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Three things you can do to market your small business
With so many options and ways to market your small business, it can be hard to know what to focus on. If you’re not sure which marketing activities to choose, here are three tips .
Five tips to help you get ready for the silly season
Are you ready for the silly season? To make the most of your silly season you really need to start getting ready now. Here are 5 tips to help you get ready.
Building your brand gap-fix action plan
Your brand gap-fix action plan will have eight parts to it, starting with what the gap is.
How do you do a brand audit?
How do you do a brand audit? The word “audit” can be scary. But doing a brand audit is an important part of creating consistency all through your business.
Defining your brand
Defining your brand. Your brand should be a true representation of who you are as a business and how you wish to be perceived.
Four reasons brand is important
Your brand is more than your logo. Here are four reasons your brand is important. It starts with recognition and trust.
The difference between Facebook advertising and boosting posts
Put simply, Facebook advertising offers you a lot more than boosting. Better goal setting, better targeting, better flexibility, better reporting.
Facebook is removing Likes!
Facebook is removing Likes. Facebook has announced Australia will be one of the first countries to trial remvoing viewable Likes...
What do emojis mean?
What do emojis mean? Did you know that this emoji ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionary in 2015?
Our favourite “free” social media tools
Our five favourite "free" social media toolsWe love social media and all the opportunities (and fun) it brings. And because[...]
The basics of setting up a Facebook Ad
The basics of setting up a Facebook adThe most important thing in setting up a Facebook ad  is to identify[...]
What is a Facebook pixel
What is a Facebook pixel? Have you heard of the Facebook Pixel, but always wondered what it is?
LinkedIn Vs Facebook
LinkedIn Vs Facebook. There are differences between the two that are important when it comes to using either (or both) platforms with your marketing.
Why you need more than a Facebook page
Why you need more than a Facebook page. When it comes to being online, are you wondering why you need more than a Facebook page?
Why is social media so important?
Why is social media so important? Have you been wondering why is social media so important for business? There’s a really simple answer.
How to create your content
How to create your content If you love creating stuff, this is probably the funnest part of content marketing (yes, funnest[...]
Building your content plan
Building your content plan Building your content plan might seem overwhelming, but it can actually be pretty easy. First, make[...]
Creating content strategically
Creating your content strategicallyAre you creating your content strategically?Last week we talked about three ways great content can help you[...]
Content is King
Content is KingHave you heard the expression “Content is King”?It’s often used when referring to marketing activities – particularly in[...]

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