The Starfish Story

It all started with a roadtrip

Years ago I travelled to Adelaide with my partner, Josh. We stopped in a town called Kaniva. 

There was a shop called The Purple Starfish and that's where I first heard the starfish story.

That story resonated with me so much, that years later I named our company after it. 

Today we have offices in Albury Wodonga, and Rutherglen. And clients located across NSW and Victoria. 

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The starfish Story

The starfish story is the reason Starfish Marketing exists. It reflects and drives our Why!

It's a story of an old man walking along a beach as the tide is going out. The beach is covered with starfish stranded on the sand.

As he walks along, he sees a young child picking up starfish one at a time; thowing them into the ocean.

The man says to the child,

“why are you doing that. There are hundreds of starfish stranded. You're not going to make a difference.”.

The child picks up a single starfish, throws it back into the ocean and says,

“It made a difference for that one.”.

And then...

We like to imagine that the old man joins the child in picking up starfish and throwing them into the ocean.

That more and more people join them on the beach that morning, throwing starfish back into the ocean. 

Connecting, laughing, making a difference, and having fun. 

That, in the end, they help all the starfish return to the ocean. And they become a more connected community in doing so.

We imagine that the child's efforts of saving one starfish at a time made a difference, not only to the starfish, to the community as a whole. 

Our Why

We believe marketing can make a real difference to business; that we have a responsibility to make a difference in our communities; and that we can have fun along the way.

When businesses are successful and growing, communities are successful and growing. 

So our Why is to make a difference – even if it's only through little actions, one starfish at a time. 

Oh, and to have fun doing it. Because life is too short not to have fun.

Like the starfish story, let's make a real difference together. 


To make a difference by helping business owners make their marketing happen, because when business is successful our community is more successful. 


To help businesses achieve their goals through practical marketing services that deliver results

To create a positive impact for the broader community by being connected and involved

To have fun in everything we do and make sure our clients have fun too 

If you need help with your marketing

I'm your Gal. Let's do this together