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Getting social

Let's get you social

When it comes to social media, most people can post content in one way or another. But when it comes to delivering strategic, quality content, that is specifically developed to help you achieve your marketing goals, that's where many struggle.


At Starfish Marketing, I understand that the words and images you use mean everything in the realm of the socials, and creating and delivering your content  for your brand takes skill.


I’m here to help you navigate the world of social media effectively and (importantly) strategically. 


We'll start with developing your social media strategy. From there, we start getting you social.

Social media services

  • Platform Management
    I take care the platforms that matter most to your business, ensuring you have a strong and consistent online presence.

  • Monthly Content Creation Plan

    I’ll craft a tailored monthly content creation plan that aligns with your strategic content and goals. You have full approval before any content is created if you wish.

  • Craft and Schedule Posts, Stories, or Reels
    I'll create engaging posts, captivating stories, and eye-catching reels specifically designed to connect with your ideal clients.

  • Community Engagement
    I’ll dedicate up to 2 hours per month to engage with your followers, responding to comments, questions, and fostering a sense of community around your business.

  • Monthly Strategy Meeting
    We'll hold monthly meetings to discuss the results achieved to date, explore future content concepts, and fine-tune your strategy to ensure your socials are on track.

  • Ongoing Insights Reporting
    Our insights reporting is presented as a comprehensive dashboard, allowing you to review results in a holistic manner and identify trends that can inform your marketing decisions.

  • Seamless Content Management
    If required, your business's social media platforms can be added to the Starfish Marketing Professional Later account, making it easy for you to review and update content at your convenience.

Your investment

FROM $1,000 + GST per month

Your social media investment from $1,000 + GST per month (dependent on what you need).



$1,000 + GST per month – 1 x platform*, up to 3 posts (of various format) per week. 12 month contract.

$1,500 + GST per month – 1 x platform*, up to 3 posts (of various format) per week. No minimum time-frame contract


* multiple platforms if same content shared.



Let’s get you social. 

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