Marketing Strategy

Let's get you marketing strategically

Practical over pretty

You've probably seen those fancy marketing strategy documents that are 30 pages long, full of pretty pictures, jargon, and lots of words that nobody understands.

And you know what? They're often completely useless.

When you work with me to develop a marketing strategy, you're not going to end up with a document that looks pretty but doesn't actually help you achieve your marketing goals.

Instead, you'll end up with a practical, digital, working spreadsheet that you can actively use to track your progress and make data-driven decisions.

And if you're unsure why you need a marketing strategy, then check out my blog here.

What's involved

A collaborative, practical, hands-on approach to marketing that delivers outcomes.

Strategic Marketing Framework

  • Conduct a full-day workshop with you to develop your marketing strategy
  • Confirm your Vision, Mission & marketing goals
  • Review and confirm your Brand
  • Confirm your ideal clients, ie target market
  • Define your key messages to be communicated
  • Develop your marketing plan
  • Confirm your marketing budget – aligned with marketing activities identified in your marketing plan
  • Confirm reporting requirements for your marketing plan

Strategy Workshop Outcomes

  • A practical strategy that ensures consistent, timely and relevant marketing, to achieve your marketing goals (based on workshop outcomes)
  • Delivered as Excel spreadsheet, includes set up of reporting format for chosen marketing activities
  • If required – training on the process of how to use the strategy to implement your marketing activities is also provided
  • Lifetime access to Getting To Know Your Ideal Client online course (valued at $497.00)

After the workshop you will have a practical marketing strategy that you will use to guide and measure your marketing activities to ensure you are achieving your goals and getting the best return on your investment.

Your investment

FROM $4,000 + GST 

Your investment is dependent on the size of business and number of stakeholders involved. 


$4,000 + GST – micro/small business, up to 2 key stakeholders. 1-day workshop.

$5,000 + GST – small/medium business, 3-4 key stakeholders. 1-day workshop. 

$10,000 + GST – medium/large business, 5-10 key stakeholders. 2-day workshop.

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