Defining your brand

Four reasons your brand is important

Your brand is more than a logo.

There are a number of reasons your brand is important. And having brand consistency throughout every aspect of your business is vital.

⁠Over the next few weeks we are going to take you through the steps to create brand consistency throughout your business.

Starting with four reasons your brand is important.

1. Recognition and Trust

creating a consistent brand (1)

The more people that know about you the more legitimate you appear. The more places your brand appears (consistently), the more legitimate you appear. 

What do you think if you can't find a website for a business, or a social media presence? Or even contact details. 

The more people know about you and your brand, the more legitimate you appear and therefore the more trustworthy you appear. 

Think of those instantly recognisable brands – Mercedes, Nike, Tiffany, McDonalds…

Even as a small business your name can be recognisable – particularly if you service a local market.

Let's not forget – people buy from businesses and people that they trust. So, your customers and target market need to trust your brand.

2. Easier marketing

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Consistent branding means your marketing activities are less challenging. This is because it’s easy to know who you are targeting – who your ideal client is. And you can then replicate your marketing across various platforms (tailored as required).

3. Team building

People want to work for something they believe in – it’s not all about the dollars. Your brand can (and should) reflect your values and mission and inspire your employees to work towards achieving that.


This takes us back to recognition and trust.

The more your market recognises you and trusts you, the more you can create a memorable experience (positive) and you are present at ETON.

No, not the college.

ETON is the Exclusive Time Of Need. 

When your market wants or needs what you have to offer, a strong brand means you are front of mind at that moment – at the moment of ETON.

When you are recognised and you have a strong brand that people connect with, then you are more likely to generate new customers than a business that doesn’t have a strong brand.

Defining Brand

There’s a lot of different definitions of brand out there. However, here is my take on it:

“Brand is the emotional connection people have with your business.”

creating a consistent brand (3)

We know people buy on emotion and justify it with logic afterwards.

So, understanding your business brand and what emotion it creates for your market is important.

Because when you understand that, you can tailor your marketing to connect with your customers and clients, and your market on an emotional level. And when you connect on an emotional level people are more likely to remember you, trust you and then choose you. 

So how do you understand or identify your brand?

That’s where defining your brand comes in. And we’ll go into this in-depth next week. In the meantime, if you have any branding questions, feel free to contact us

If you need help with making your brand consistent let us know. We'd love to help you.

If you need help making your marketing happen, lets have a coffee and a chat.

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