Easiest Facebook Ads Strategy

Easiest Facebook Ads Strategy

Maximising your opportunities

We all know that Facebook ads can have a great impact with regard to reaching, connecting, and engaging new clients for your business.

However, how do you make sure you’re maximising your opportunities.

Well, it’s all about your strategy. Yep – start with a strategy!

But what strategy should you start with?

If you’re just starting out with Facebook Ads, this is the easiest strategy to consider.

A three-pronged approach

Now remember – your marketing strategy should always be tailored to your business.

When it comes to Facebook ads – the same theory applies. Make sure your strategy is tailored to your business.

So, keep in mind who your ideal clients are and develop your strategies to reach, connect, and engage them specifically.

In saying that, the easiest Facebook Ads strategy we’ll go today through is a generic overview.

You should be able to follow this and, at the same time, tailor the strategy to your business.

So here is the easiest Facebook Ads strategy for running your own ads.

It’s a three pronged approach. Essentially you’ll run three different ads. Starting sequentially and then running consecutively.

Note: you will need your pixel in operation for this strategy.

First prong

Start with brand awareness ads.

Brand awareness ads helps people become familiar with you and your business. You don’t want to try and sell your products or services the first time you run a Facebook ad.

It’s like walking up to a complete stranger on the street and asking them to marry you.

The chances of them saying yes are miniscule, molecular miniscule. So tiny you can’t even imagine.

So, don’t try and sell with the first prong of your three pronged approach.

Focus on building that know, like and trust factor.

Your first ad should help to build an audience and following and get them warm to you.

Try using a video views ad. That way you can put your second prong ad in front of those people who watched the video and are now familiar with you. These people have started to know, like, and trust you and your brand.

Second Prong

Your second ad can have a call to action with it. This is because the people you put this ad in front of are now familiar with you and your brand. 

And, if they're your ideal client, they have started to know, like, and trust you. They feel a connection with your business, products or services. And they are starting to feel like your business, products or services are what they need.

So… think about running and ad that promotes a lead magnet (aka freebie) or encourages people to hand over their email address.

This gives you an opportunity to continue building that know, like, and trust factor through email nurturing.

You can also offer things like a free webinar that people have to register for. Or have an entry level offer, like a discount or a low cost product.

Third Prong

We’ve all heard about retargeting.

Basically, it’s putting an ad in front of people who are familiar with you, but who haven’t taken action from your second prong ads.

As an example, if someone registered for your free webinar, but didn’t take your offer that you have at the end of that webinar, then remind them with ads about it.

That's retargeting. These ads can be really effective at getting people “across the line” and buying your products/services. 

Just don't make them icky!

Easiest Facebook Ads Strategy

So, there you go – the Easiest Facebook Ads Strategy.

  1.  Start with brand awareness
  2. Incentives with Call To Action (CTA)
  3. Retarget


Start sequentially and then progress to running all three ads consecutively.


Start with running Brand Awareness ad for a month.

Then introduce your CTA ad, while continuing your Brand Awareness ad. (You may want to tweak who your Brand Awareness ad goes in front of at this stage.)

Finally, introduce your Retargeting ad and put it in front of the people who haven’t acted on your previous ads.


Tailor your ad strategy to your business and make sure you’re targeting your ads to your ideal clients.

If you need help developing your ad campaign strategy, or want your ad campaigns done for you, let’s catch up. I’d love to help you.

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