Facebook is removing Likes!

Earlier this year Instagram shocked the nation when it rolled out the removal of viewable likes.

Facebook has now followed suit, with Australia to be part of the trial. Yep, Facebook is removing Likes!

If you are part of the majority, this means that you will no longer see who has liked your friends’ posts, or posts from Facebook groups or pages… And we’re excited! Why? Read on 😊

Shocked, Shaken, or Shelebrating? 

(That last word is a stretch!)

In the progressive world that we live in changes are inevitable, especially in the digital world. And while removing viewable likes can sound a little scary at first, it has been done with the best of intentions.

Facebook Australia’s Director of Policy, Mia Garlick wrote a statement about these changes to Gizmodo Australia:

"We want our platform to be a place for meaningful interactions with friends and family, and continue to invest in tools that support people's well-being. In this test people, businesses, and creators can still see how many likes their content receives, but they will not be able to see how many likes others' posts have received."

Take a look at your Facebook feed. 

Minus the groups and pages that you follow, how often do your friends post?

How often do YOU post?

Facebook has become a platform where a lot of its users only post what they know will rate well with their peers. Posting only to share ‘big ticket’ events, such as a marriage or special event.

Why the change? 

The idea behind Facebook removing the Likes ‘tally’ is that users will become less self-conscious about sharing moments in their usual day-to-day routine. Much like how other platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram are being used.

But what about my Business?

Okay no shouting, buuut….

Your business will be fine.

As an owner, admin or editor of your business page or group, you will still be able to see the same analytics and pull the same reports.

Engagement is as important as it has ever been! 

So it is critical to create content that your audience want to comment on, have a conversation, and share with friends.

Read more on creating engagement here. 

And a timely reminder…

At this point it is just a trial, and trials can be SUPER useful tool.

Use this as a business or as an individual to try something new. Work outside your comfort zone, push the boundaries, create something spectacular! 

If you're not sure how to this change will affect your Facebook content, let us know. We'd love to help you.

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