Five fabulous blogging tips

Five fabulous blogging tips to help you blog fabulously

Five fabulous blogging tips

Yep, we’re blogging about blogging – well about blogging tips. Fun times – or should that be fabulous times!

Why would we blog about blogging?

Because we love blogging and want to help you become a fabulous blog loving blogger too.

So, whether you’re just starting out or if you’re already blogging regularly, these five fabulous blogging tips will help you blog, fabulously.

Take the pressure down

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By having a blog topic plan in place, it will take a heap of pressure off you in terms of having to think about what to blog about. You can plan out themes to blog about. And, identifying topic themes means you can really delve into that topic and blog on it over a number of weeks.

Theming (is that a word) your blogs also creates a sense of continuity and curiosity. Engage your readers and create interest in what else you are going to share on a specific topic. Get your readers engaged and wanting to read/see/hear what you are going to share next – the next piece of your blog puzzle.

You may have noticed that our current them is about blogging.

And that leads to another benefit of having a plan. You can reference and link your blogs to each other. Which helps with your SEO. Find out more on our blog about How Blogging Helps Your SEO.

Did you see what I did there?

Be a Sherlock Holmes

Do some research and ask your existing customers and followers questions. Then answer those questions in a blog.

Or think about the biggest challenges your customers are facing. What questions do you get asked often? What are people searching for on the almighty Google (keyword searches)?

The answers to these questions can provide great content for your blogs. And you’re providing value to your readers too.

Better YOU!

This is a really important tip. Be you. Write as you would talk to someone when trying to explain whatever it is that you’re blogging about.

Particularly if you are a small business, often your brand is you. They are intrinsically entwined. So your blog should sound like it’s you talking. This makes it a lot easier for your readers to connect with you on a deeper level.

Being you also makes it easier for you to share your expertise. You know your stuff. And when you know your stuff, that comes through when you’re being you. If you usually use casual language and have a bit of fun when explaining things to people, then blog like that. Don’t use long words or formal structures in your sentences if you don’t talk that way.

Mike drop!!!

Channel Oprah

Freebies for you, and for you, and for you, and for you, and for you…..

Chuck an Oprah and give stuff away!

Yep, you heard me (or read me)! Give stuff away. Whether its tips (like today’s blog) or tools (like some of our other blogs that have downloadable stuff with them) – get comfortable with giving stuff away.

Don’t be scared of giving free stuff to your blog readers.

People love free stuff. They remember when you give them free stuff.

More importantly, make sure you give away the free stuff that’s is of value to your readers. They’ll remember. And when your free stuff is good free stuff, your readers will get to know you better, and they’ll certainly like you for it. And when they use the free stuff and see that it’s truly awesome, they’ll trust you and your products or services – because you delivered on your promise.

And when your market knows, likes, and trusts you, they are more likely to purchase from you when they need your products or services. When ETON arrives (Exclusive Time Of Need). 


You need to have great headlines to grab the attention of your readers. And then your content holds their attention.

But you have to grab attention first. With just content (even if its great content), people aren’t going to stop and read your blog.

Great headlines are like sticking your hand in the air and waving it around frantically, while jumping up and down shouting “look at me, look at me”. You’re going to notice that person rather than the quite person sitting in the corner.

Okay, I went with six tips

I couldn’t help myself. I love blogging and if I can help others blog then of course I’m going to give you more than five tips!

Everyone loves to blog – okay, maybe not everyone. Some people (like me) love to blog. And others find it hard to sit down, put your writers hat on and bloggity, blog, blog.

If you’re in the latter group, my sympathies. But don’t stress, I’m here to help.

This is my three-step hack for when the writing gods abandon me and I struggle to sit down and type.

  1. Refer to your content plan to see what topic/s you will be “writing” about.
  2. Write down three to six bullet points – the key points that you want to share about your topic.
  3. Get talking and recording what you say. 

Yep, no writing necessary. We often find it easier to talk about something rather than writing about it – especially if it’s something we’re really familiar with.

So, get talking. Check your bullet points and talk to them. Record yourself and then transcribe. Or (another hack) use a transcribing app.

Voila – your blog is 95% done. You just need to finesse it now before publishing!

Woohoo!!! Go you. You’re a fabulous blogger, blogging fabulously!

Welcome to the dark side. Mwah ha ha!

All right then, a final sneaky seventh tip

Use images!

Break up your text with images to keep your reader engaged and reading. 

Make sure you're not breaking any copywrite laws and you're using images legally. And, remember, you can't simply take an image from Google and do whatever you like to it; you need to have permission first. 

Try using free stock image sites like PexelsPixabayUnsplash, and Negative Space. You can also access free stock images through Canva

Do you need help?

If you need help blogging or creating a blog plan, this is what we do! We write for our clients or we help them build a content strategy so they can blog themselves. 

If you'd like to catch up and see how we can help you, book a coffee catch up here.

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