Marketing should be

Marketing should be...

One day, not so long ago and before I started paying to use professional images for Starfish Marketing, I was searching for an image to use for a ‘marketing concept’.

Can you guess what came up?

It was something like this.  

and this

and this


Megaphones being used to shout at people – because obviously louder is better, right????

Now I get that this is supposed to convey that you’re sharing a message and/or telling people about your business, BUT…

this is exactly what marketing should not be.

Marketing should not be

  • shouting at people about yourself, your business, or your services/products
  • trying to attract people who are not interested in, or do not need your service or product
  • telling people how awesome your service/product is if they don’t want to hear it
  • manipulating people into buying your services or product


These are the things that marketing should not be – that I see implemented all the time.

It makes me both mad and sad.

Marketing Should Be
Marketing Should Be

Mad that people still use sucky, shouty, don’t actually care about what people want, megaphone tactics that give marketing a bad name.

And sad, because I know that this megaphone style marketing will not be getting the best results for the businesses implementing them.

And that’s not a good thing.

Marketing should be

So, what should marketing be?

Let's start with one of my favourite inspirational people is Seth Godin.

He, among other things, is a marketer extraordinaire, and he says

“Marketing doesn’t have to suck… marketing that’s consensual, useful and effective, is possible… ”

I totally agree.

Marketing should:

1. Start with understanding

Understand why people want or need your products or services. In other words, know who your ideal customers are.

2. Have consensual connection

Connect with your ideal customers in a way that they want (consensual). How do they want to hear from you? This helps you decide where to “do your marketing”.

3. Provide value

Provide something of value (usually information) that your ideal customers want (useful).

Think about why they buy from you and talk about that (in you marketing). This helps you develop your key messages – that information, the content you include in your marketing.

Marketing Should Be

When you focus on these three things:

  • Understanding
  • Consensual Connection
  • Usefulness

then, and only then, will marketing deliver positive outcomes for everyone (effective).

And when all this comes together marketing is fun and it doesn't suck!

Do you have any examples of marketing that sucks?

Or better still, examples of marketing that is fun, doesn't suck, and is what marketing should be?

I'd love to hear them.

And, if you need help making sure your marketing isn't shouting at everyone, feel free to book a coffee catch up. I'd love to help you.

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