If you do one marketing thing before the end of the year do this!

Yes, the end of the year and decade is here. It’s a time where we look back and share lessons learned.

It’s also a time to look forward and plan your marketing for your business. Yes, I can hear you groan, but having a plan, even a really, really simple marketing plan will make a difference for the coming year.

Here are four reasons you need to plan your marketing for 2020

  1. 1
    A clear vision
  2. 2
    Staying on track
  3. 3
    Marketing Ps (not the one's you're thinking of)
  4. 4
    Knowing your marketing is working

one marketing thing - clear vision

1. You will have a clear vision of what you want to achieve

Your marketing plan should start with setting your marketing goals. Some people call this your marketing strategy. We call them goals – look forward and identify where you want to be, what you want to achieve.

Putting it simply (and bluntly): setting goals keeps you focused on your business.

That means you are less likely to get distracted by shiny new things that aren’t aligned to achieving your goals.

And, all your marketing activities are aligned to your goals, that means they are more likely to pay off.

one marketing thing - tracking

2. A plan will help you stay on track throughout the year

Your marketing is more likely to get done if you have documented what you are going to do when.
Your plan doesn’t have to be complex. A good marketing plan will work for you. You just need to include:

  • what you want to do
  • when you want to do it
  • how much you need to invest (time & $)

Oh, and be realistic about your time. Things always take longer than you think, especially if it’s not your thing.

And we know that small business owners wear the hat of everything. That means the chances are marketing isn’t your thing, so it will take you longer than you think. We suggest doubling the time you think it will take you. If you end up with spare time then you can spend that on other areas of your business!

Use our really really simple marketing plan to help you get your marketing set for 2020. And use these 4 questions to help you start your marketing

Of course, you should understand your target market and your brand and all that other stuff. It’s important (actually really important). But, if you do one thing before the end of the year to market your business, then put together a really really simple marketing plan.

one marketing thing - 5 Ps

3. The five marketing Ps (not the ones you’re thinking of

Yes, it takes time to put your marketing plan together (even a really, really, simple one). However, have you heard of the marketing Ps? No, not product, price, promotion and place (and all the others). We mean Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Having these five ps in place will help your marketing get delivered. And that means your marketing performance will improve. (Well it really has to if you’re moving from no marketing to planned marketing actually happening).

Once your plan includes your marketing activities, we recommend allocating time every day/week/month dedicated to actioning your marketing. We say day/week/month because it’s whatever works for you. We do recommend daily though – we are marketers after all 😊.

​Use a calendar or project management system to allocate your time.

Some people use a wall calendar. Others like Outlook or an online calendar. We use a project management app where we allocated our tasks and it sends us reminders to work on them. By planning ahead and allocating your time, you know when you’ll be working on your marketing and you can make your marketing happen.

one marketing thing - results

4. You’ll know how you well your marketing is working

Finally, by having a marketing plan, you can check in regularly to see how you’re going and if you’re going to achieve your marketing goals.

It’s important to be flexible. If you see that some of your marketing isn’t working, try to work out why and then adjust what you’re doing.

Some examples of reasons your marketing might not work could be:

  • Is it because the language you’re using isn’t appealing to your customers? Perhaps your customers are perhaps older and expect a more formal approach, and you’re using casual language of slang?
  • If you reduced your pricing, is your pricing now too low, creating a perception that your product or service is lesser quality? And your customers expect a premium product.
  • Are you advertising on television and your customers are watching YouTube?  

So, there you go – four reasons you need to plan your marketing for 2020.

As we said at the start, if you do only one marketing thing before the end of the year, make sure it’s to plan your marketing.

If you need help planning your marketing for 2020, book a free, no-obligation catch up with us.