Planning your social media

We’ve been getting a few questions about planning your social media. Specifically around how to work out what types of posts to share on social media and how to plan them and schedule them out.

So, we’re going to run a workshop on it. More details on that to come.

In the meantime these key steps in planning your social media party might be of assistance. We’re calling it a party because, as with all marketing, it should be fun.

Key steps in planning your social media 'party'

1. Know why your need to host a social media party, ie be on social media

2. What do you want your party to achieve

3. Who are your party goers and where do they play

4. What party themes do you want to use

5. Planning your party

6. Party on

7. The recovery

1. Hosting your social media party

Do you understand why on social media is an important part of your marketing?

If not, check out some stat’s from one of our earlier blogs, Why Is Social Media So Important

2. What do you want out of your party?

As always, start with the end in mind. The most successful social media is social media that has a strategy behind it.

In other words, know your goals. What do you want your social media to achieve?

3. Who are your party goers and where do they play?

Who is your target market? And a reminder, it’s not everyone!

Where is your target market active on social media. Chances are it’s not on every social media platform, because trust me there’s a bucket load of social media platforms out there, and staying active on just two or three is time consuming enough!!!

Knowing your target market and where they play important, because that will influence which social media platforms you should be active on.

You don’t want to be on Tik Tok if your target market is on Instagram!

4. What party themes should you have?

Understanding your target market will also influence the type of content you want share on social media.

Does your target market want informational type content or do they want to see more personal stuff from you.

This is stuff that you need to know.

For example, there’s no point putting inspirational quotes up if your audience just wants facts and figures information. You just won’t get the engagement and that will influence the number of people you reach. And you’ll probably be reaching people who actually aren’t interested in your products or services – just in the quotes you put up.

5. Planning your party

Having a documented plan for your social will save you time and therefore money.

It will also mean you have a more strategic approach to your social media and be more likely to achieve your social media goals.

6. Party on

When you know your social media content plan, it makes creating your content a lot easier.

We recommend blocking out time on a regular basis to sit down, create and schedule. 

Put this time as a recurring event in your calendar and commit to it! Otherwise you’ll just end up back on the random “oh shit, I’ve got to create a post today”.

And that means your social media won’t be strategic. Which means your content won’t connect with your target market.

And that means you’re less likely to achieve your social media goals.

7. The recovery

Reporting is important.

Pretty much all social media platforms give you AWESOME stats and results about your posts. 

So, check out what your social media platforms are telling you.


Because these insights helps you understand your target market’s behaviour and that means you can adjust your content to connect better with them.

And remember those goals?

The better you connect with your target market, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Join our party

As mentioned at the beginning, we’re going to be hosting a half-day workshop specifically on this topic.

You'll learn how to plan, create and schedule your social media content like a pro! 

There are only 15 places available!