Sometimes we think we’re fine when we’re not

Sometimes we think we're fine when we're not.

We're all seeing more and more posts, updates, information about the importance of looking after the wellbeing of our people and ourselves.

If you're like me, a lot of the time, you'll read the information, the personal story, the updates and, while they're incredibly important messages, not do anything.

No action taken.

I'm guilty. I do the same.

Because I think that “I'm fine”.

My life is good.

I'm pretty resilient.

I feel like I'm in a good place atm.

I love my work/business/clients.

I'm don't feel that stressed.

I don't really suffer from the negative self-talk.

I'm not working hideous hours and have a good amount of non-work time on the weekends.

I recognise that am privileged with all of this.

However, alongside this…
my mind is always on the go, I'm tired, and I'm struggling to find the level of energy I used to have.

So, I have signed up for a 3-day retreat / personal development program.

Initially, I wasn't sure this program was for me. Because… all those reasons listed above.

So, I talked to Rosetta Holmes, the program designer and facilitator. The key thing that stood out in our chat was (as mentioned above)…

“my mind is always on the go and I'm tired and struggling to find the level of energy I used to have”

We talked about, that while “I'm fine”, my level of fine isn't at it's best.

AND I came to the realisation that I have been running on “tired with frantic mind” for toooooo long.

I'm always saying to others that you can't pour from an empty vessel.

So, I have to walk the walk.

While I'm not running on empty, I need to fill up to be able to continue to deliver exceptional marketing services for my clients. I need, and want, to be at my best.

I have recognised that I'm, currently, not at my best. I'm probably running at 78-80%. So, I'm investing in myself to change that.

Sometimes we think we're fine when we're not.

Sometimes we tell others we're fine when we're not.

Sometimes we tell ourselves we're fine when we're actually not.

The level of “not fine” doesn't have to be deep to take steps to look after yourself.

I believe the earlier we can take those steps, the easier it will be to get back to my best.

Is it time for you to take that first step to filling your cup?

If you need help making your marketing happen, lets have a coffee and a chat.

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