the starfish story

I always get asked, “why the name starfish marketing”. Well, it goes back to a story I heard many years ago.

It’s a story of an old man walking along a beach as the tide is going out and the beach is covered with starfish stranded on the sand.

As he walks along he sees a young boy, picking up starfish one at a time, throwing them back into the ocean.

The man says to the boy, "why are you doing that, there are hundreds of starfish stranded - you're not going to make a difference".

The boy picks up a starfish, throws it back into the ocean and says "it made a difference for that one".

The starfish story has always resonated with me and is the reason starfish marketing exists. I believe marketing can make a real difference to business, that we can make a difference in our communities and that we can have some fun along the way.

Like the starfish story, let’s make a real difference together.

~ Mell Millgate, great at marketing stuff

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