What does your brand say?

What does your brand say about you? Who are you? Did you hear that song when you read the title of this article? “Whooooooo are you? de do de do… No, just me? Oh well – I must have watched too many episodes of CSI in my past. Anyway, onto “Who are you?”. Today, I’m […]

Your brand is more than your logo

Your brand is more than your logo

Your brand is more than your logo Many people, when they think about brand, go straight to their logo. However, your brand is more than a logo. A logo is simply a visual representation of your brand – one aspect of it. Your brand infiltrates every aspect of your business, so it’s important to get […]

A question about brand

5 creative marketing ideas for small businesses

A question about Brand I was recently asked a question about branding. It was: “If a BRAND is more than just a logo and a set of colours, what other things can we design, build or decide – that positively affect how people feel about us? That help us stand out?” That question was followed […]

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