Three people, three years, three lessons learnt

As I come up to our two-year anniversary of starfish marketing making the leap from just over 12 months of side-hustle to “going solo”, I’m reflecting on three lessons learnt.

We have grown from one person to three people in three years. Something that I didn’t project happening as quickly as it has. So why have we grown this quickly (apart from having the best clients who we love working with)?

I put it down to continually learning.

Marketing is a continually changing environment and we love seeing what is evolving in the business and marketing world.

Plus, it’s important for us to stay on top of the marketing world, especially in the digital environment, so we can make sure our clients are getting the best marketing advice and outcomes.

So, here are three things we have learned over the past three years.

Note: part of why we know #wehavethebestclients is because they do all these three things.

Three lessons learnt

1. Connect with your clients

Connecting with your clients and customers is more than simply being friendly, smiling and saying “have a nice day”.

It’s about having a genuine interest in your clients and customers. Get to know them. Build a relationship. Connect.

Remember that while a smile goes a long way, going that extra mile and really getting to know your clients and customers will wow them and create a genuine and real connection.

And that means you will understand their needs better, and be able to deliver the services and/or products they really want and need. And that’s a great outcome for everyone.  

2. Speak the right language

Sometimes we are so focused on our own business that we don't think about how to communicate with our market.

Knowing your clients and customers and your potential market is crucial to being able to communicate and connect with them in a manner they understand and can relate to.

We work with a range of clients to deliver newsletters, create website content, social media and more. And we tailor the style, tone and language of their varying communications to suit their clients, customers and target market.

And the results? 

Great open rates on newsletters.

Longer time spent on the websites.

Awesome engagement on social media.

All this means people are reading the content (and acting on it) because they are connecting with it.

3. Know your value

By knowing your value, own your worth and asking to be paid accordingly for it, means everyone wins. Your client, your business and you – you all win.


If you value yourself and your work, and price accordingly, it’s likely that you’re going to be able to focus on delivering the best quality work, product or services for your clients.

If you under value yourself, you will most likely be stressed. And that means you won’t be focused on the best outcomes for your clients and customers. And that means the quality of your work will go down.  It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

By knowing your value, you can create raving fan clients, while following your vision and mission with integrity.Enter your text here...

So, there you go, three things learnt over three years. We hope they help you.   

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