Top two tips to stay competitive

Are you finding it challenging to stay competitive?

Have you noticed that over the last few years the digital world has become very crowded?

There is so much information, so many apps, an enormous number of platforms out there, its hard to get your head around and to know what to focus on to stay competitive.

So, to help you, here are our top two tips to help you stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Tip 1. Focus on your client and customer experience

The way you treat your clients and customers is crucial to any business’ ongoing success. You know what they used to say about a happy customer will tell one person, an unhappy customer will tell ten people.

Well, in today’s world that has absolutely been amplified. We all have access to an audience, not of hundreds, but of thousands upon thousands. So making sure that your clients and customers have a wonderful experience with you at every single touchpoint is crucial.

And that experience starts from the very first moment of their interaction with your business. This could be the moment that they find you online, when they land on your website or your social channels, when they walk past your shop, or when the meet you or an employee at a social function.

How wonderful is the experience your first-time customers have? If it’s not wonderful then there is a chance that person is going to jump online and say some not so wonderful stuff about your business. And then it’s not ten people they’ve told – it’s hundreds and thousands (and not the type you have on fairy bread).

So making sure the first experience people have with your business is wonderful is crucial. Big hint – make their experience personal. Focus on what is important to them and deliver (you should know what is important if you’ve identified your ideal client).

And, then you need to make sure their ongoing experience is just as wonderful and personal. Think about their experience when they subscribe to your emails, and especially your customer service.

At the end of the day, you want your clients and customers to be so happy with you, your products, your service, their whole ongoing experience with you, that they will not only keep buying from you, but they will also refer others to you

And we all know word of mouth is the cheapest and best form of advertising.  

Tip 2. Focus on your brand

As mentioned in Tip 1, the web is becoming more competitive. People will make decisions on whether to engage with your business based on their first impressions of your brand.

So, make sure you understand your brand. And then implement it across all aspects of your business.

Thank about your brand values, your unique selling position, why you are different. You don't need to be better/newer/cheaper, you just need to be different.

And own your difference. Be clear on how you are different and understand why that is important to your clients and customers.

Then sing from the rooftops and tell your brand story – over and over and over and over. Consistency is key when it comes to your brand.

Oh, and your brand should be present in your every step of customer experience too.

The starfish crew - figuratively singing from the rooftops

There you go:

  • get your client/customer experience right - from the start
  • understand your brand and own your difference
  • make sure your brand is consistent and aligned with your customer experience

Go forth and deliver wonderful things for your clients and customers and stay competitive. 

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