Why is social media so important?

Have you been wondering why is social media so important for business?

There’s a really simple answer.

Social media is so important because it’s extremely likely that your customers and target market are hanging out there.

The numbers don’t lie.

I know, I know… stat’s bore most people. But they do give you really good insight into your target market/s.

And the stat’s tell us that most people are using social media. Which means the chances are that your clients and target market are some of those ‘most people’.

I promise I’m not making this stuff up! Here’s a snapshot of how many people are using social media in Australia alone.

According to Social Media News, in July 2019, in Australia alone, there were:

  • 15 million active users on Facebook 
  • 15 million visitors to YouTube
  • 9 million active users on Instagram
  • 5.5 million active users on LinkedIn

And that is just in July 2019!!!

So, what do these numbers tell us?

They tell us that social media is part of almost everyone’s life. And that means there's a pretty good chance that your market is using it somewhere. Actually more than a pretty good chance - it's almost inevitable.  

So you know what that means! It means you should be using social media too if you want to be able to connect with your market effectively.

And that, my friends, is reason number one why social media is important.

But wait – there’s more! 

Creating credibility

Besides the numbers telling us that social media is important, having an online presence adds credibility to your business.

People now do their research online, whether it be for a product, a service or a particular brand. Social media makes it easy for people to find you, to check out what others say about you, and to connect directly with you (think Messenger in Facebook).  

What do you think it says to people if they can’t find you or your business online. They may become suspicious that you are not a credible business.

According to the Growth Gurus, 63% of consumers who search for businesses online are more likely to use ones with an informative social media presence.

So, even if your business is a bricks and mortar business, you still need an online presence to develop a level of trust with your target market. You don’t need to sell online, but it is important to have a presence.

Just quickly on that – you do need more than a Facebook page. We will be discussing this in next weeks blog. Stay tuned.

You can see the results

Social media offers significant measurability of your marketing activities. 

Whether it be  lead generation, brand awareness or communication - you can track and measure it all.

We all know that not every business can afford a huge marketing budget. And in the past, it has been hard to measure the results of your marketing.

With social media you can be very targeted about who you appear in front of, you can control how much or little you want to spend, and you can easily measure the results.

As an example, when building a Facebook ad campaign, you can set up what goal you want to achieve and be very specific about who the ad appears in front of. And you can track and measure your results and adjust your ad while its running if it's not achieving the initial results you are looking for.

The key to success

At the end of the day, having a digital presence is important for your business. More important, and the key to successful social media, is to have a marketing strategy in place.

Similar to developing your content strategy, your social media strategy has five aspects

Why – well we’ve pretty much covered your why here.

What – what are your goals? Do you want to build your brand awareness? Or increase customer loyalty? Or drive sales?

Who – who is your target market (or audience if we use marketing terminology)? This is really important to get right because it will impact on your targeting. There’s no point putting your business in front of people who don’t want what you have to offer.

Where – Where will you reach your who? What platforms is your audience using. Focus your activity there. Facebook is usually a good starting point because – well, just look at the numbers. However if your audience isn’t active there, then choose the platform your audience is active on. Read more about Finding your right marketing platforms here.

How – how much will you spend and how will you measure your results and how often? Social media has the ability to analyse your results to find out what works and what doesn’t. And you can adjust your strategy quickly if something is not working.

At the end of the day social media marketing has many advantages for all businesses.

By having a strategy in place, it will lead to increased traffic, improve credibility and brand loyalty, deliver measurable results and much more. 

The earlier you start, the faster you see the impact it can make for your business.

What does your social media strategy look like?

If you’re finding digital marketing challenging book in for a no-obligation chat to see if we can provide a solution that suits you. 

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