Why you need more than a Facebook page

When it comes to being online, are you wondering why you need more than a Facebook page?

Brace yourself - here come the stat's. But don't start yawning, there aren't many - they're just really big ones!

The stat's

Facebook has 80 million small and medium sized business pages on Facebook globally (Source: Hootsuite). And, according to Statista, there are 2.51 Billion monthly active users worldwide.

The big question is, how many of those businesses with a Facebook page also have a website? To be honest I don't know and can't find any stat's on it - so that that question will remain unanswered. 

Given creating a Facebook business page is free and provides access to a user base bigger than the population of China (1.4 Billion), it makes sense that many business owners would simply rely on their Facebook page for their digital presence.

Is having a Facebook business page really enough?

The short answer is, no – it’s not enough.

While there are lots of benefits of having a Facebook page, it really shouldn’t be your only online presence.


There are a few reasons.

1. Don’t have one egg in one basket

Firstly, it’s all about not putting a single egg in one basket. Because there is a risk if you do.

While you own the content and the information you post on Facebook, essentially you are renting digital property – even if that rent is free.

What do I mean by that? Well, consider Facebook as the digital property and you are the tenant. If you break their rules (even if accidentally) Facebook can shut down your page with absolutely no notice what-so-ever!

All your content disappears. Your ability to connect to all your followers and online customers disappears. You have no way of letting them know what’s happened because, well, you would normally do that by Facebook. Pretty scary, huh?

Plus, if your Facebook business page is shut down you are left without an online presence at all.

Your single egg was placed in the Facebook basket and it has disappeared from the online world. And now you have the added challenge of negotiating to get your page reinstated.

2. The rules can change

The other risk with renting digital property is that the rules can change. Again, without notice. What might start out as a free service may turn into a paid only service.

Or the dreaded algorithm change that usually occurs just as you have got your head around the last algorithm change and are really kicking some social media goals (that you have set as part of your social media strategy).

Staying across all the change in Facebook is important for maintaining your presence there. You really cant cross your fingers and hope for the best.

You need to change with the changing rules. By having a presence elsewhere, your online presence is still maintained while you make the changes necessary to your Facebook marketing. 

3. Having multiple eggs creates a better online presence

Having a number of digital platforms (multiple eggs) means if one platform goes down or is removed, you still have an online presence.

You can build a multi-platform online presence. Share information on other social media platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram. Remember though, these are also digital properties that you are renting.

The big egg here is to have a website. You pretty much own your website. Yes, you have to pay an IT techie organisation to host your site, but you still own the site and content. And you can change hosts if necessary and take your content (your whole website) with you – something you can’t do with social media platforms.

Having a website also makes you a more creditable business. If people can see you have a website as well as being on Facebook it gives them a sense of security that you are a legitimate business.

Your website allows you to store and share your content and business information easily. A dedicated website acts as the main place on the web that potential customers can access all the information they’re looking for.

And if you get your SEO right then it makes it easier for people to find you.

4. Better SEO

If you’re wondering what SEO is, it means Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, it’s where (what page and position) your business appears in a Google search (or Bing or other search engines). You can read five ways to improve your SEO here.

While a Facebook page can be found via a search engine like Google, it doesn’t provide the same SEO outcomes of a dedicated website.

Having a dedicated website helps with your SEO because you can tailor your content to include phrases and keywords your potential customers are searching for. And that helps get you on page one of a Google search. A Facebook page is limited in this aspect.

Have a Facebook page and more

In short, yes, you should have a Facebook page for your business. Yes, it’s free (for now) and it can still achieve free brand exposure (if you understand the algorithm and can get good engagement and reach).

Is it enough?


To create a digital presence for a small business you need more than a Facebook page.

You need an digital presence that offers your customers and target market multiple ways to find you.

Yes, you need to put different eggs in different baskets. 

If this blog has inspired you to get a website - I implore you to bring in the experts to do it. There are so many aspects to building a website the right way (contrary to what you might see in online ads).

You can learn to maintain your website after it's built - but get it done right to start with.

We are not the web building experts here at starfish marketing but we can connect you with them. Just get in touch with us and we'll introduce you. 

Back to putting different eggs in different baskets. Next week I talk about Facebook Vs LinkedIn, focusing on the difference between the two social media platforms. 

If you have all your eggs in one basket and aren't sure how to share them around, let's have a no-obligation chat to see how you can improve your digital presence. 

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