5 marketing questions to ask yourself when planning for 2023

Are you ready for 2023?


It may seem like a long way off, but if you want your business to be successful, you need to start planning now.


Here are 5 marketing questions to ask when planning for 2023:


question #1: What are your marketing goals?

question #2: Is your target audience still relevant?

question #3: What platforms will you use to reach them?

questions #4 & 5: Which of your marketing strategies yielded the best results over the past year, and which ones should you ditch or change up in order to improve results?”


Answering these questions now will help ensure that your marketing strategy is on track for a successful 2023.


Let's get started.


What are your marketing goals for the next year – both short and long-term?

According to Coschedule, you are 375% more likely to report success if you set goals!!! So it's a good place to start when planning for 2023.


Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website, or boost your sales numbers, setting clear goals is essential to your success.


But where do you start?


First, take a step back and assess your current situation. What's working well? What could be improved? This will give you a good starting point for setting your goals.


Next, think about what you want to achieve in the short-term and long-term. For example, if you're looking to increase brand awareness, you might set a goal of reaching X number of people on social media or increasing your blog traffic by X%. Or, if you're looking to drive more sales, you might set a goal of generating X number of leads or closing X number of deals.


Finally, don't forget to set a timeframe for each of your goals. This will help you stay on track and better measure your success.


You can read more about setting your marketing goals here.


Is your target market still relevant?

If you're in business, you know that your target market is essential to your success. After all, without a target market, how would you know who to sell your product or service to? But just because you have a target market doesn't mean that it's set in stone. In fact, as the world around us changes, our target markets can change right along with it. So how do you know if your target market is still relevant?


Here are a few things to look for:


First, take a look at your sales numbers. If you're noticing a decline in sales, it could be a sign that your target market is no longer interested in what you're offering.


Second, pay attention to changes in demographics. If the people in your target market are getting older or moving to a different location, it could be time to adjust your marketing strategy.


Finally, keep an eye on the competition. If new businesses are popping up that are targeting the same market as you, it could be time to rethink your position.


By paying attention to these changes, you can make sure that your business stays relevant and successful for years to come.


What platforms should you use to reach your target market most effectively?

When it comes to reaching your target market, there are a lot of different options out there. It can be tough to decide which platform is right for you, but luckily we're here to help.


If you're looking to reach a young, tech-savvy audience, then social media is definitely the way to go.


If you're trying to reach a more general audience, then traditional media like TV, radio, and print are still good choices.


It's also important to consider where your target market spends most of their time. For example, if they're always on the go, then you might want to consider using mobile advertising.


Whatever platform you choose, just make sure that you're putting your best foot forward and creating content that will really resonate with your audience.


Which of your marketing strategies yielded the best results over the past year, and which ones should you ditch or change up in order to improve results?”

If you're like most businesses, you've probably tried a whole bunch of different marketing strategies over the past year.


Some may have worked better than others, but it can be tough to know which ones are really worth your time and effort.


A good place to start is by taking a close look at your results. Which marketing strategies yielded the best results in terms of leads, sales, or website traffic? Once you've identified the winners, it's time to take a closer look at why they worked so well. Was it the timeliness of the campaign, the relevance of the message, or the channels you used to reach your audience?


Then, once you've pinpointed the key success factors, you can replicate them in future campaigns.


As for the losers, it's often best to cut your losses and move on.


However, if there's a strategy that shows promise but didn't quite hit the mark, it may be worth tweaking before you give up on it entirely.


Ultimately, the best way to improve your marketing results is to constantly experiment and track your progress. By being strategic about your approach, you can ensure that your marketing efforts yield the best possible results.


That's it for now! As you think about next year, keep these 5 marketing questions to ask when planning for 2023 in mind.


If you need help developing your 2023 marketing strategy or want a second pair of eyes on your goals and target market, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be here, coffee in hand and ready to chat.

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