7 Types of Social Media Posts That Get Results: A Guide to Boost Your Online Presence

It's time to take your social media game to the next level with these 7 types of social media posts that get results.


When it comes to social media, there are so many types of posts out there it can be overwhelming to figure out what works best for your business.


That's why I've put together this guide on the seven types of social media posts that get results.


Whether you're a social media newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll find tips and tricks that you can implement right away to take your social media presence to the next level.


So, let's get started!


Get Social Savvy: start with strategy

First things first. Before you start posting willy-nilly, it's essential to start with strategy. And that means knowing what you want your social media to achieve. In other words:


  • what are your goals?
  • who are your ideal clients?
  • what does your brand tell people?
  • why will your ideal clients choose you/your products?
  • how will you measure success?


Why start with strategy?

Imagine your marketing efforts are like throwing a plate of spaghetti against a wall. Without a marketing strategy, you're simply hoping some of it sticks (success). While you might get lucky and see some success, chances are you'll end up wasting a lot of time and money on strategies that just won't work (spaghetti on the floor). Without a marketing strategy, you may not even understand why some of the spaghetti stuck and why some didn't (why some marketing worked and why some didn't).


With a marketing strategy in place, you're clear about what you want to achieve (sticky spaghetti) and how to get there (knowing how to make the spaghetti stick). That's why having a marketing strategy is crucial to achieving success.


If you don't have a strategy in place, you'll most likely end up with a bunch of likes and follows that don't translate into real results for your business.


So, make sure every post aligns to your strategy, has a purpose and helps you achieve your overall objectives.


Now, once you've got your strategy in place, then you might be wondering what type of socials to create to achieve your goals. Well, fret not – I'm here to help.


Take a look at these 7 types of social media posts that'll help you get those results you're after. With these tips up your sleeve, you'll be on your way to achieving your marketing goals and building an awesome social media presence.


7 Types of Social Media Posts That Get Results

1. Educational Posts

First up, let's look at educational posts. These are the kind of posts that offer real value to your followers (who should be your ideal clients – if your followers aren't your ideal clients then you have a problem, but that's a whole other topic).


With educational posts you can share tips, tricks, tutorials, and other knowledge nuggets that your ideal clients can benefit from.


By sharing helpful information, you'll not only establish yourself as the expert in your industry but also build trust with your followers and drive traffic to your website. It's a win-win-win situation!


Educational examples:

  • A marketing agency can share tips on how to improve website SEO or create effective social media ads.
  • A financial advisor can share information on budgeting or investing strategies.
  • A law firm can share legal advice on common issues faced by its clients.


2. Behind-the-Scenes Posts

Next up, we have behind-the-scenes (BTS) posts.


BTS posts literally let your ideal clients see what goes on behind the scenes! They're great because they are your chance to show off your store or office, your team, a process, anything really. BTS posts give people an exclusive glimpse into your world.


BTS help make your ideal clients feel like they're part of the action and are great for building that know, like, and trust factor – you can read more about that here.


BTS examples:

  • A consulting firm sharing photos of your team collaborating on a project or working with a client.
  • A healthcare provider sharing a video tour of your facilities or showcasing the technologies you use.
  • A real estate agent sharing photos of the properties you have available or providing a sneak peek of your open house preparations.


3. Inspirational Posts

Everyone loves a little bit of inspiration, don't they? That's why inspirational posts are so powerful. You can share motivational quotes, inspiring stories, or uplifting messages that resonate with your audience.


Inspirational posts are great for building a positive brand image, increasing engagement, and spreading positivity.


Inspirational post examples:

  • A life coach can share inspiring quotes or stories related to personal growth and development.
  • A travel agent can showcase beautiful destinations to inspire people to explore the world.
  • A fitness coach can inspire by sharing success stories of their clients who achieved their goals through their coaching.


4. User-Generated Content

User-generated content, otherwise known as UGC, is content that your followers/ideal clients create and share with you, usually by tagging you, but it can be by other methods too.


UGC gives you/your business more opportunities to engage with your followers/ideal clients in an personal and authentic way. And that helps you to build that know, like, and trust factor.


Also, for your followers/ideal clients, when you share their content, it can help them feel a strong connection with your business.


Finally, from your perspective, it can be fun to come up with creative ways to encourage your followers to create UGC.


UGC post examples:

  • A wedding planner asking clients to share their photos using the wedding planner's hashtag, and then sharing those posts.
  • A photographer sharing client's posts that include images provided by the photography
  • A fitness trainer sharing photos or videos of their client's progress or success stories.


5. Engagement posts

Engagement posts are posts that encourage your followers/ideal clients to interact with you in some way. And we all know engagement is a key aspect of successful social media marketing. When your ideal clients engage with you, you know that they're interested in what you have to say and they feel a strong connection to your business.


Whether it's by asking thought-provoking questions, running quirky polls, or creating buzzworthy quizzes, interactive posts are a surefire way to increase engagement, gather valuable feedback, and build a community of loyal fans.


So don't be shy – hop on the engagement bandwagon and get ready to spark some serious conversation with your followers!


Engagement post examples:

  • A florist can run polls to gather feedback from clients on preferred arrangement styles.
  • A fitness coach can ask people to share their wellness goals or challenges and provide advice on how to achieve them.
  • A business coach can create a quiz to help business owners identify strengths and weaknesses in running their businesses.


6. Promotional Posts

Now, I'm specifically talking about ‘organic' promotional posts here – posts that appear in your feed that you don't pay for. A paid ad campaign is a completely separate thing when it comes to promo.


Promotional posts are a powerful tool for driving sales, increasing website traffic, and growing your customer base, but remember, there's a fine line between promoting your awesome products/services and being spammy and icky.


There's a common guide with promo posts – no more than 20-25% of your (organic) social media should be promotional, aka salesy. Stick to that!


Another important thing with promo posts is to always keep your ideal clients in mind. Why would they hit that “buy” button? Keep your promo content relevant to that reason.


By striking the right balance, you can use promotional posts to showcase your offerings while still maintaining a loyal and engaged following.


Promotional post examples:

  • A restaurant sharing a special offer for an upcoming day of the year event, eg Valentines Day.
  • A spa offering a discount for a new service or a package deal for multiple treatments.
  • A kinesiologist promoting an upcoming workshop with an early-bird offer.


7. Entertaining Posts

And finally, we come to the pièce de résistance – the entertaining posts! These are the types of posts that are the life of the party. Whether you share memes, funny videos, or silly jokes, entertaining posts are the perfect way to inject some personality and humour into your social media presence.


Entertaining posts are great for showing off your brand's fun side, building a strong connection with your audience, and increasing engagement. With entertaining posts, it's time to bring the party to social media. After all, who doesn't love a good laugh? So go ahead, let your hair down, and share some entertaining posts with your followers/ideal clients.


Entertaining post examples:

  • A law firm can share a funny meme related to their practice area or a joke about legal issues.
  • A marketing agency can share a video of their team performing a silly dance challenge or playing a game.
  • A bookkeeper or accountant can share a humorous anecdote about budgeting or saving money.


Getting savvy with social media

When it comes to social media, success is all about knowing your ideal clients like the back of your hand. So while you can create any of those 7 types of social media posts that get results, if they're not tailored to your ideal clients then you're not actually going to see good results.


So, when you're creating any of these types of posts it's really, really, really important to make sure that they are created with your ideal clients in mind.


If you don't know who your ideal clients are, then read this.


By creating content that talks to your ideal clients, that delivers value to them, that connects with them so they feel you really get them – then you're able to build a stronger connection and build that know, like, and trust factor I mentioned before.


When your ideal clients feel like they know you, like you, and trust you, they're more likely to choose you and your business, to spend money with you.


Unleash your social magic

Social media can do wonders for your business, but only if you know how to use it right. That's why it's crucial to create posts that reach, connect, and engage your ideal clients, building the know, like, and trust factor that's essential for any successful marketing strategy.


To make the most of your social media presence, you need to align your posts with your business goals. That means creating content that not only connects with your audience but also drives meaningful results for your brand.


There are seven types of social media posts that can help you achieve just that.


Educational posts establish you as an authority in your industry, while behind-the-scenes posts humanize your brand and build a connection with your audience. Inspirational posts spread positivity and build a positive brand image. User-generated content can showcase your products or services and build a community around your brand. Interactive posts encourage engagement and feedback, while promotional posts help you drive sales. Finally, entertaining posts are a great way to build a connection with your audience, showcase your brand personality, and increase engagement.


But remember, consistency is key. Don't just post and ghost – engage with your audience, track your metrics, and make adjustments as needed.


By aligning your social media strategy with your overarching marketing goals, you can achieve success and build a strong, cohesive brand.


So there you have it – the seven types of social media posts that get results. Now go forth, create amazing content, and grow your business!


If you need help making your marketing happen, lets have a coffee and a chat.

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