Fabulous five types of social media posts

The fabulous five types of social media posts

Have you seen those social media calendars that show the different types of posts you can do?

Have you wondered what makes the posts different?

Well today’s your lucky day – we’re going to explain the different types of social media posts you can do.

The fabulous five

1.  Engagement

2.  Behind The Scenes

3.  Connection

4.  Inspiration

5.  Sales

1. That shiny diamond ring

five types of social media posts - engagement

Engagement posts are specifically designed to get your target market to engage with you. What does that mean?

Well, in the Facebook world, engagement is considered currently considered as commenting, sharing, messaging, etc. And particularly sharing to direct message or to a specific person, rather than to a page.

But what about Likes, I hear you say. Well, generally the like button is considered engagement, but doesn't rank very high in terms of engagement.

When you create engagement posts, you are specifically aiming to get your followers, your target market, your audience, to either comment or to share your posts or engage in it in some form.

Engagement posts invite comments by asking questions and encouraging conversations.

The thing to consider though is we don't actually recommend literally asking people to like comment or share. The algorithm actually picks up on this and Facebook particularly doesn't like it. And, believe it or not, it's actually against their rules to literally ask people to like comment and share.

So instead you try asking questions or asking for people's opinions rather than literally asking for comments.

What happens behind closed doors?

five types of social media posts - BTS

Behind The Scenes (BTS) posts gives your audiences in insights into your business.

BTS posts can demonstrate your expertise. They can help you position you as an authority or the go-to person in your industry. And, they can also show people that you're a real person – that you get in and get your hands dirty, so to speak. BTS posts show what your audience (your customers and target market) wouldn't normally see on the surface of your business.

And this gives your target market insights into you and your business.

Guess what! That creates more of a connection between you and your target market. And we know when people connect with you it increases the know like and trust factor. And that drives sales.

BTS posts show real situations that often involve sharing a video or a live. And the almighty algorithms just love videos and live posts. So BTS posts are a really good type of post to create a connection with your followers by showing that you're a real person and your businesses real. 

I get you!

five types of social media posts - connection

Connection posts are all about sharing stuff about YOU!

Yep, sharing things like why you do what you do and how you feel about different things. And those things don’t necessarily have to be business related.

Connection posts are all about creating a close personal connection between you and your target market. With connection posts, the goal is to make your audience feel like they personally know you.

And you know what that means. 

It means they get to know, and like you and trust you.

And we know that when people know, like, and trust you and your brand, they're more likely to buy from you. 

Getting inspired

five types of social media posts - inspiration

Inspiration posts are literally just that. They are posts that highlight things that inspire you and that you think will inspire your audience.

So, you know, it could be inspirational quotes or inspirational stories. It could be a special day of the year and you share why that day of the year inspires you.

The key with inspirational posts is to try and make them relevant to your brand, your business and your industry. If you don’t, you take the risk of attracting followers who actually aren’t your target market. 

Show me the money!

five types of social media posts - sales

Finally, the sales posts!

Sales posts are posts with a clear call to action. They are essentially asking for the sale. They are encouraging people to:

  • click that buy now button
  • click the order button
  • go to your website to place the order
  • walk in the door to your bricks and mortar business to place the order.

They are literally sales posts.

All the other types of posts can be used to build awareness of your products and services, or showcase the benefits, etc. The difference is they don’t have the Call To Action.  

Sales posts are purely there to get you sales. 

Something important to remember about sales

When it comes to Sales posts they SHOULD NOT be the majority of your posts.

Generally speaking, the recommendation is no more than 25% of your posts should be outright sales posts.

People just don't want to see them ALL THE TIME! So, use your other types posts to promote your services and your products by delivering information of value BUT without the clear call to action.

For example, if you do four posts a week, then every fourth post might be a sales post. Your other posts might be two engagement posts and a BTS post.

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