Seeing opportunities in an upside-down world

COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down. With change happening daily, it can be hard to keep on top of things, let alone see opportunities or look at the positives. So here’s a list of things we’ve put together to help you.

Improve your digital presence

  • Review your website. Make sure it’s user friendly. Is your information up to date. If you have a shop, how easy is it for people to purchase from you.
  • Ramp up your social media. Just because we have to be socially distant doesn’t mean we can’t be social.
  • If you’re not digital – get online. Set up a website. It doesn't have to be complex. If you need help, contact a local web developer. Let's support as many small, local businesses as we can.
  • And get on social media. Everyone is at home on line. You need to join them there.  

Create deeper connections with your customers

  • Now is the time to communicate. You cannot over communicate right now.
  • Keep your customers up to date. Tell them what you are doing, what changes you are making to be able to continue to service them.
  • Provide information of value that can help your customers through this situation.
  • Communicate using all your platforms. Put your messages out there, wherever your customers are: in store, on website, social media.

Collaboration not competition

  • We can get through this together.
  • Support each other online – tag on the socials.
  • Think about who can you collaborate with eg food places, promote a three course takeaway/home delivery meal deal from three different businesses.
  • There are ways we can work together to keep our businesses afloat, to keep our connections, to get through this challenging situation.

Involve your team

  • IMPORTANTLY, be open and honest with your team.  Let them know the situation AND have a discussion together about what you can do.
  • Do you have Standard Operating Procedures? Get your team involved in developing them, or reviewing or updating them.
  • What was always on the to do list that never got done? Do it now. Or get your team to work on it.
  • What can your team do differently?

Learn to think differently

  • If the world we live in now became the norm, how would you operate?
  • What do people need, how can you fill that need in a different way?
  • Can your business pivot?

A couple of other things

  • It’s okay to use humour. Sometimes we need to have a laugh. Just make sure you’re not over using it and your timing is right.
  • Make the most of being awake at 3am.  I invented a word last night to use when you feel like swearing without actually swearing - fuster cluck. Feel free to use it if you’re having a fuster cluck moment or day. Because we will have bad days and sometimes you just need to let off some steam and swear…or pretend to swear.

At the end of the day we’re all in this together. Let’s think of ways we can all support each other and come through this, stronger together. 

And fuster cluck to COVID-19.