Silly Season Marketing

Silly Season Marketing

Five+ tips to help you with silly season marketing

Silly Season is only seven weeks away which means the big fella is on his way and you need to start your silly season marketing NOW!!!

Whether you call it Silly Season, Festive Season, Christmas or Yule this time of year is a great time to maximise your marketing opportunities and get some bumper sales!

To help you out, here are five tips for making the most of your silly season marketing. 

Well actually, there might be a few more than five tips just as my special silly season gift for you! 😊 

That alongside the images that you won't be able to unsee!!! Happy silly season!

Silly Season marketing tip 1

1. Start with the hangover

First – start with the end in mind and set your silly season marketing goals.

What do you want to achieve with your silly season marketing?

Obviously sales is a goal, but make it specific and set a sales target by a specific date. You might even have a goal of a specific products.

Remember, we set goals for campaigns to make sure everything you do for marketing your campaigns is driven towards achieving those goals and you don’t get distracted by the Christmas baubles (bright shiny objects). 

2. Special things for special peeps

Silly Season Marketing tip 2

Think about your ideal customers and your target market and put together an offer that’s only available during the silly season.

Something that they’ll love and just have to buy so they have a cool Yule!

And by putting the exclusivity of it being a silly season offer you are creating both a sense of urgency to purchase and a sense of something special. 

3. Stay in touch with your favourite peeps

Send your special thing to your favourite peeps – those people on your database. Maximise your email list – the people who’ve said

“Yes, I want to hear from you!!!!”

These are the peeps who already know you, and we can assume they like you because they haven’t unsubscribed from your communications.

So, send them your special offer first!


Create a special offer just for your database and make them feel really, really, loved and special.

And we know email marketing gives you the best return on investment, so why wouldn’t you send your favourite customers and target market market an email (or seven). Which leads me to your next tip. 

4. It’s the final countdown….dodododo 🎶, dododododo 🎶

Create a sense of excitement and urgency at the same time by having a countdown to a specific date.

It could be the cut-off date for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery when people order online. It could be the date that you’re closing your store or office. It could be as simple as the countdown to 25 December.

Or it could be an offer that you send to your email list with a different offer each week. Like a Special Offer Advent Calendar!

And, you can build your email list at the same time by promoting your Special Offer Advent Calendar on social media. 

5. It's party time!

silly season marketing tip 5

It’s party time and that means getting social.

Getting social on social media!!!

As always, we recommend putting a social media plan together rather than winging it. It will save you a lot of time and stress.

Your social media plan can include things like: 

6, 7, 8, 9, 10…..

silly season marketing tip 6

Finally, a few other tips to help you make the most of your silly season marketing. 

Start your silly season marketing now so you can reach those really organised people who have started their shopping.

And be front of mind for those (like me) who leave it to the last minute!

If you need help putting together your silly season marketing campaign, get in touch. I’d love to help you. 

silly season marketing tip 7

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