Who is your Social Media Target Market

Who is your social media target market

In other words, who is your ideal customer or client?

We’ve been talking about all things social media lately. Summarising the topics we’ll be covering at our upcoming workshop 

How to Plan, Create, & Schedule Your Social Media Like a Pro

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Otherwise, follow along here for the next few weeks.

Last week we covered why host a social media party, ie having social media goals, . This week we look at who are your social media party goers. 

Your social media party goers (your target market)

Put simply, your social media target market should be your ideal customers who are active on social media.

These are the people who see the value in the services or products you are providing them.

And, we’re going to say it again, your target market is NOT everyone. While, absolutely, there are some who do want your product. Every person out there is not interested in or wants your product!

The people who want your product or service – they are the people you need to get in front of. So you can connect with them in a way they like, earn their trust so they will buy from you.

But it’s not everyone!!!

People who see value in you

The people who want your product or service, who see value in you, and who are prepared to pay you – they are your ideal clients – your target market. And when it comes to social media, they need to be active on social media as well as being all those other things.

If you understand who your social media target market is then you can more easily create content that is going to connect, appeal, engage with them.

To do this you need to understand:

  • who they are
  • what is important to them
  • where they prefer to find information about you (eg where they play on social media)
  • why they buy (or would buy) from you

This stuff is called psychographics.

It’s also valuable to know the demographics of your target market. The where they’re located, age, etc.

BUT, and it’s a big BUT. But, when it comes to content creation, the psychographic information is waaaaaay more important than the demographics.

This is because the psychographic information gives you insight into how to connect with your target market. And that will drive your content creation.

Next week we’ll cover another section of our upcoming social media workshop.

Where do your social media party goers play?

If you’re interested in drilling down into who your ideal customer is, and how to find where they are on social media, so you can then create engaging and relevant content, then book into our upcoming workshop.

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